BMW i3 Review

After launching the tuber-futuristic I 8 hybrid sports car in India, BMW has now brought in its smaller sibling, the I 3, in the country

BMW is only the car makers at the very forefront when it comes to developing vehicles propelled by alternative energy. Its ‘i’ lineup in India will now see the addition of the i3’s hatchback that was first unveiled simultaneously in London, New York, and Beijing two years back, and has now been showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo in Delhi.

Tipping the scales at just 1,195 kilos, the fully electric BMW i3 hatchback is lighter than most vehicles in its segment, yet offers significantly more space for up to four occupants. Motive power comes from a battery and motor combination that, when fully charged, has a range of between 128 and 145 kilometers. It is capable of attaining a top speed of 150 km/ph and accelerating from naught to 100kmph in 7.2 seconds.

Should one so desire, the BMW I 3 launched with a range-extender, which maintains li-ion’s battery at a constant level en route, as soon as it falls below a specified value? This performed a two-cylinder gasoline engine with 34PS. The range-extender increases the car’s maximum orbit in everyday driving to around 300 kilometers.

BMW claims that, over a period of three years, the maintenance and running costs for an I 3 are about 40% lower than those of a comparable hatchback.

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